ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

We take great pride in our ESG efforts to support the community and environment in which we operate.

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We want to help our people and communities to thrive, and we strive to ensure we maintain the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

In fact, we have been awarded the prestigious ESG Mark, which is given to organisations, that can prove they are committed to making a positive difference to the environment, their clients, employees, and communities.

This is a symbol of trust and distinction, which allows businesses and individuals to identify organisations who believe in and act to deliver a fairer, more sustainable future.

Read more about our ESG Mark accreditation here.


Our commitment to people and communities

We’re serious about equality, diversity, skills and employee engagement and wellbeing.

We’re also passionate about global concerns, such as sustainability as well its impact locally and our community engagement. As a firm proud of its roots in the South West, we feel privileged to give back to the community.

We achieve this in a number of ways, including supporting a range of charities and good causes by raising money:

Charities we have supported include:

  • Brock House Children’s Centre
  • Cancer Research
  • Devon Air Ambulance
  • Headway Somerset
  • Help for Heroes
  • League of Friends of Yeovil Hospital
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Moving Together in Somerset
  • National Blind Children’s Society
  • School in a Bag
  • St Margaret’s Hospice
  • St Nicholas’ Church, Portishead
  • Taunton Asthmatic Swimming Club
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • The South Somerset Disability Forum
  • Ups and Downs
  • Wellesley Park School PTA, Wellington

Members of our team also contribute their professional expertise, by giving their time and expertise to community organisations on a voluntary basis.

We are also involved in initiatives linked to education and operate a programme of award sponsorship in local schools and universities to celebrate students’ enterprise and achievement.

During 2023, we are placing particular emphasis on these causes with our ‘23 for 23 Challenge’.

Going green

Our ESG journey has included taking a number of important steps – in recent years we have:

  • Implemented paperless offices
  • Launched a client portal to reduce hard copy communications
  • Minimised the use of non-recyclable or reusable cutlery and water bottles
  • Conducted a full refit of our offices in Taunton to make them more efficient
  • Installed electric car charging points at our office.
  • These are just a few actions that we have taken as part of our ambitious plans to be a more environmentally responsible business.

Helping clients

Alongside our own work to reduce emissions and pollution, we are also advising many of our clients on the best steps they can take to become more eco-conscious, while also helping them to save money, including educational guides on green taxation and the benefits of electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, our financial services team has been advising a growing number of clients on ESG investments.

With more and more investors growing concerned about the impact of their activities on the environment, this advice is being well received and implemented into effective investment strategies.

Our work with businesses across the South West allows us to support them to do better, which in turn benefits their local communities and the wider economy.

“We are honoured to receive the ESG Mark, an accolade that resonates with our core values and aspirations for a more sustainable and equitable future.”

“The project team have done an amazing job both in helping us to attain this status but more importantly in highlighting areas where we can continue to improve. Obtaining the ESG Mark is not the end of the journey but just a bright point along the way. The important thing now is to continue to improve and strive to do better.

“For us, it’s not just about doing business; it’s about doing business right. We are dedicated to elevating the communities we serve, championing diversity, and ensuring that our impact on the planet is a positive one. Importantly this is not just a goal for me as Chairman or the partners but all of us that make up Milsted Langdon.”

Simon Rowe, Partner and Chairman at Milsted Langdon