Accountants to Play Stronger Role in Capital Markets Growth

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), have revealed that accountants are to be more involved in contributing towards the growth and development of the local capital markets; in an effort to deepen access and open them up for more listings.

The decision from the ACCA comes following a meeting earlier this week, which brought together executives from audit companies, financial service sectors and the ACCA.

During the meeting, the ACCA Deputy President Barry Cooper said that the organisation had done a lot of research work in assessing capital markets in emerging economies; with the results outlined in two reports.

Mr Copper added: “Together, the two papers provide an overview of the theory and practice of market development and an appreciation of the challenges for emerging economies and the stakes involved.

“Without some of these key insights presented in these, it is impossible to understand many the policy and market developments in emerging markets.”

He added that emerging capital markets were playing an increasingly vital role in the global economy by opening up international supply and lowering the cost of capital.

As an accountant, Sarah Jenkins, specialises in management accounting, audit and financial reporting.

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