Get your invoices paid quicker by making it easier to pay with iwocaPay. Your customers can choose to Pay Now or Pay Later over three instalments, however, you get paid up front every time.

Add an iwocaPay pay link to your invoices (using the iwocaPay dashboard or Xero), and your customers choose to Pay Now or Pay Later. You get paid upfront, and will spend less time on invoice admin, as the integration with accounting software will match the invoice to the payment.

The Pay Now option is free for you and your customers – there’s no interest or fees.

The Pay Later option allows business customers to split later invoices into three manageable monthly payments.  If your customer choses to Pay Later, you get the option to pay a fixed 3% of the total invoice value at the end of the month, or to pass on the cost to your customer at a representative rate of 3.33%. The first 30 days are interest free and customers only pay for the extra days they use after the free 30 days, and can settle up early at any time with no extra fees.

If you would like any further information about iwocaPay and how it can help your business, please contact our Business Innovation team.

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