Apprenticeships have positive effect at Milsted Langdon

Milsted Langdon is pleased to announce that Samantha Woodside is more than halfway through her apprenticeship with the firm.

“I joined Milsted Langdon in June 2014 and my apprenticeship will last for two years, which includes studying for my ATT qualification and Business Skills Diploma programme. For both of these I enrolled with Kaplan.

“Since starting at Milsted Langdon, my role has seen me complete tax returns from a portfolio of clients that has been allocated to me. I manage my own portfolio by having monthly meetings with managers in order to gain the information I need to complete the client tax returns. I have also been preparing client letters to request information for the next tax year, as well as assisting my manager with updating the programmes we use.

“I enjoy my job as a whole but in particular I enjoy learning about tax whilst at work and in my studies. It is satisfying to apply my studies to my practical work as it shows any progress I am making as well as clearing up queries, due to seeing how it is applied in a work environment.”

Tax Partner Stephen Griffiths added: “Samantha is proving to be a real asset to the firm. At Milsted Langdon we’re keen to encourage the next generation and an apprenticeship scheme is a great way to learn. I wish Samantha well with the rest of her studies and her second year with Milsted Langdon.”

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