By Megan Warren, ComputerWorld

For an IT project to succeed truly, it needs both a technical perspective and a business process point of view. ComputerWorld demonstrated this for Milsted Langdon in their Microsoft Adoption project.

When Milsted Langdon started to plan their project to migrate and adopt Microsoft 365, their IT team reached out to a few organisations but found that most were solely focused on installing the software.

However, ComputerWorld demonstrated a unique mentality when approaching this project, it was more than just installing Microsoft 365 from a technical perspective.

ComputerWorld believed that the project was more comprehensive and should largely focus on adoption and user productivity, which resonated with the Milsted Langdon team.

The emphasis of this project was how Microsoft 365 could improve user productivity and support the business objectives.

To accompany the project, ComputerWorld and Milsted Langdon also created an Internal Communications Charter to enhance Milsted Langdon’s internal communication.

ComputerWorld took time to understand the different communication channels that Milsted Langdon would utilise within their Microsoft 365 subscriptions and defined how to use them effectively, alongside the existing communication channels within the business.

Speaking to the users and fully understanding the business model meant that ComputerWorld could work alongside Milsted Langdon to improve communication and collaboration.

High-quality training and workshops were delivered at a level where all departments could understand and utilise the applications and features that would help them in their roles.

“We used to talk and collaborate a lot, but it was not in the most effective way. We wanted to find a way to target those important messages and develop a standardised approach for all of the business. Now people who I thought would never embrace the technology are!” – Mark Smith, IT Director at Milsted Langdon.

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