Businesses Trusting Cloud Computing

A new study has found that businesses are increasingly beginning to trust cloud computing as part of their everyday operations as the technology continues to be developed.

The survey of 785 industry experts, vendors and users found that fifty percent of users now run cloud solutions when tackling “mission critical” applications; whilst the most popular reason for investing in the cloud remains scalability with fifty-seven of companies said it is the number one factor for adding the cloud to a business set-up.

Although cloud computing is beginning to increase in usage within UK businesses, the survey did find that fifty-five percent of businesses do still have some security concerns, claiming that this is an area in which cloud developers can make progress.

A second reason for the increase in trust, and also popularity of cloud computing, is that cloud computing is simply a way to manage data and use applications over the internet, often as a service that you subscribe to, rather than software that you buy and install; allowing businesses to use cloud computing to manage a range of front- and back-end office functions.

Research has also suggested that the software is often easier to use, faster to deploy and provides far greater flexibility than on-premise solutions that need to be installed and maintained, especially for SMEs that are too small for a dedicated IT staff.

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