The Charity Digital Code: is your charity growing alongside technology?

In the final part of our Charity Digital Code series, we’ll be looking at the seventh defining principle of digital best practice: adaptability.

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So, what is digital adaptability and how can charities grow alongside technology?

According to the code, charities will need to adapt to survive and thrive as digital changes how everyone lives and works.

Fail to adapt, however, and charities risk losing relevance and engagement with staff and stakeholders.

So, how can charities improve current practices and look to the future?

The code argues that charities and not-for-profit organisations should aim to make their platforms, systems and services accessible to staff from a wide range of devices and locations. As discussed in previous blogs, this could include cloud-based software, which allows key persons to work from anywhere – and usually on any device – in the world, at a time that suits them.

It is clear, then, that charities’ systems should work with each other internally and with external systems to improve the efficiency and transparency of work, and to give staff a greater choice of ways of working.

Likewise, looking to the future and jumping on digital trends may give your charity a head start. According to the code, a team member should be made responsible for monitoring emerging digital trends and reporting the opportunities and risks regularly, ensuring that the charity’s leaders are made aware of key issues.

The code also looks at the ‘fail fast, fail forward’ mentality. This means piloting new ideas and learning quickly from failures as well as from successes. The large variety of free trials and cheap introductory offers make this regime viable, in turn creating opportunities for innovating and testing relatively cheaply.

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