Daily Start-Up Statistics Available Online

Following the success of the Olympics, StartUp Britain have decided to build on the optimism surrounding Britain, by providing daily statistics on its website showing how many businesses are being set up every day across the country.

The tracker, which will offer accessible insight into the growing self-starter trend in GB plc, has been created using real time data from Companies House, which is then interpreted for the tracker by the Made Simple Group, which provides online business solutions to the start-up and small business community.

Quoted on the StartUp Britain website yesterday, Emma Jones, business expert and StartUp Britain co-founder said: “It’s astonishing to think that in the last week alone 8,675 people decided to start up here in Britain.

“We’re seeing record numbers of people setting up a business. Our StartUp Tracker will offer a daily confidence boost to anyone thinking about starting up. We think our statistics have the potential to help deliver real benefit.

“We felt it was vitally important to capitalise on the emerging optimism in the start-up sector and our tracker statistics will not only make for interesting reading, we hope they will offer an Olympian boost to those who might find encouragement by finding out that they are not alone!”

While CEO of Made Simple, Howard Graham said: “These stats are very telling about the optimism and momentum within the start-up sector – the StartUp Tracker makes this visible for all to see and plots the highs and lows as well as potentially making it possible for us to discover what makes certain days more attractive for setting up a business.”

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