Dental practices values increase in last quarter

According to the findings of the latest quarterly NASDAL goodwill survey, dental practice values have seen a sharp rise.

The survey has revealed that average goodwill dental practice valuations have increased by 20 per cent in the last quarter, to 151 per cent of gross fees.

Experts believe these valuations are likely to remain positive until the eventual agreement of the Brexit deal, where the new reformed contract could have massive implications for goodwill values.

There has been a significant increase in NHS dental practice values, which saw average goodwill valuations reach 194 per cent of gross fees, up 45 per cent from the last quarter.

These fees have continued to grow throughout the year, from the 118 per cent they were at the start of the year.

Mixed dental practices are also experiencing growth, with average goodwill dental practice values of 180 per cent of gross fees.

This means the average goodwill for a mixed dental practice valuation has risen by 25 per cent in the last quarter.

Experts claim that the overall figures show that the general profile of UK dentistry is increasing and the industry is considered to be low risk compared to other sectors.

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