Dentists should open wide and talk to accountants, NASDAL says

The National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers (NASDAL) has urged dentists to maintain open dialogue with their accountants to stay abreast of ‘monumental’ change.

After months of implications for the sector post-Summer Budget, NASDAL is focusing on those dentists buying or selling a practice, or considering incorporation. The body is also concerned that practices are unaware how pensions will be affected.

In October, NASDAL offered advice on key topics at a British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) meeting.

Subjects included the budget’s tax fallout, the records newly-qualified associates should be keeping and detail that a partnership or expense sharing agreement needed to cover.

“We encourage dentists to keep a dialogue open with their accountant and lawyer so that they stay up to speed with any changes,” a spokesperson said.

“Dentists may rely on accountants and lawyers to be on top of the latest business changes, but if they aren’t using a specialist, they may leave themselves open to nasty surprises.”

Milsted Langdon is proud of its experience in delivering specialist services to dentists and is ideally placed to help any practice uncertain of what the future may bring. Our head of dental services is a NASDAL member, meaning we are able to draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise from accountants and lawyers around the country. For more information on how we can help, please contact us.

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