Dentists seeing the highest growing salaries in the UK

According to the latest research by job site Indeed, the dentistry industry has experienced some of the highest growing salaries in the UK.

Their data showed that new job listings for dentist roles are advertising salaries at 25 per cent higher when compared with the same period during 2018.

The average salary for an advertised dentist job in Britain now stands at £61,600.

The research from indeed has revealed the top ten lists of the fastest growing salaries advertised in the UK. Both dental nurses and hygienists also appear on the list with the fourth highest percentage increase in salaries over the past year.

The average advertised salary for nurses and hygienists has grown by 18 per cent to £31,300.

Indeed’s top UK economist Pawel Adrjan said: “The picture is one of a general decline in European jobseeker interest in British jobs. Healthcare and construction stand out as most exposed to a potential worker ‘Brexodus’.

‘In sectors where there are long-term shortages of skilled staff, such as dentistry, the battle for talent is morphing into an all-out salary arms race.”

Despite the research from Indeed, NHS Digital shows NHS dentists in England and Wales have seen their salary drop by 0.7 per cent to £68,700.

David Jacobs Partner at Milsted Langdon said: “The research from indeed shows that salaries for job roles have been increased due to a shortage of skilled workers which has emerged because of Brexit.

“If you are a practice owner who is concerned about the impact the shortage of skilled workers could have on your businesses finances then it is important that you seek specialist advice to discuss the options available to you.”

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