Dentists urged to pay ARF before December deadline.

Dentists are being urged to pay their Annual Retention Fee (ARF) to the General Dental Council (CDC) by 31 December so that they can avoid any potential sanctions or disruption to their practice.

The call comes from Dental Protection, who in recent years has been contacted by an increasing number of dentists who failed to pay their ARF to the GDC by the December deadline.

Dentists who have not paid their ARF by this deadline are removed from the register by the GDC and are unable to practice in the UK until they have successfully been restored to the register.

Those who are removed from the register will need to apply for restoration in the New Year.  Restoration requires the application form and submission of relevant evidence to be submitted to the GDC, this process can take up to ten working days, during which the dentist is not allowed to work.

This can cause enormous inconvenience to a practice as patient appointments will have to be cancelled and cash flow is interrupted.  It is important to remember that knowingly working when not registered is illegal and a fitness to practice issue which will result in sanctions from the GDC.

David Jacobs, General Practice Partner at Milsted Langdon, said: “Dentists must ensure that they have paid their ARF before the end of December to avoid significant penalties from the GDC including the loss of up to ten days’ worth of appointments.

“If you are unsure about anything regarding your annual retention fee payment it is important that you seek specialist advice. “

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