Expert experts

Milsted Langdon’s thriving team of forensic accountants in Bath, Bristol, London, Taunton and Yeovil has considerable experience in unravelling the most challenging disputes. However they are careful never to become so-called “expert experts” whose expertise is more about the ability to give evidence in court than about day to day experience of the accountancy matters on which they are opining.

For that reason, the forensic team prides itself on its ability to bring in specialists from across the firm. If the case involves an audit negligence claim, for example, it is vital to field an expert who not only has practical day to day audit experience but is also no stranger to the provision of evidence in court proceedings.

Similarly, the firm is regularly instructed to act in cases involving negligence claims against Independent Financial Advisors. Having, in Steve Horton, a partner in the firm who is a chartered accountant and a chartered financial planner as well as an experienced expert witness is invaluable. His detailed practical experience of providing clients with financial planning advice means that his expert evidence can remain grounded in practical expertise.

Most recently, tax partner, Simon Denton, was congratulated for his performance in a matrimonial case in which he was assisting the court to split assets between a divorcing couple in as tax-efficient manner as possible. Once again, being able to combine forensic expertise with this experience of advising clients on their tax affairs helped to ensure that the court could have confidence in his expert opinion.

Roger Isaacs, the partner who heads up Milsted Langdon’s forensic team said: “Having a bank of people from different disciplines who have each had  experience of being in the witness box is a feature of our litigation support offering that, if not unique, is extremely unusual and of great value to instructing solicitors.”

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