Fines highlight the need for financial planning

A caravan park owner has been fined thousands of pounds after altering a watercourse and almost flooding a neighbour’s home.

The man is said to have replaced existing pipework at the Cumbrian site without seeking permission from the local authority.

As a result, the infrastructure burst during heavy rainfall, leaving neighbouring property covered in soil and debris.

A ‘vast amount’ of water was found near the site entrance, which, the council claimed, had not been addressed but covered up with stones and gravel.

A fine of £2,000 was levied, in addition to £6,377 costs.

A beck appeared to have been diverted as part of the handiwork and became blocked when things went awry. In mitigation, it was said land surrounding the beck had slipped into the neighbouring property, with the replacement pipework a bid to rectify the situation.

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