Forensic accountant expert is seminar guest speaker

Roger IsaacsMilsted Langdon’s Roger Isaacs was recently invited to be the guest speaker at a seminar for solicitors on the financial aspects of family break-down.

The seminar, hosted by the Family Law Group at the leading barristers’ set, No5 Chambers, was entitled ‘Money Talks’ and aimed at solicitors specialising in divorce.

Roger’s presentation – titled ‘Outnumbered’ – focussed on tax efficient mechanisms for dividing assets and considered gift relief, trusts, shares, entrepreneurs’ relief and Mesher orders.

When families split up, even the wealthy can struggle to generate sufficient income for both parties to maintain their pre-divorce standard of living.  Achieving this can be even harder if tax bills are triggered simply by virtue of assets being passed between former spouses.

If legitimate means can be found to use the tax rules so that the tax man gets less, there will be correspondingly more to be left over for the divorcing parties to share and to support any children they may have.

Roger has provided advice as an expert accountancy witness in over a hundred divorce cases, as a party-appointed expert, shadow expert and single joint expert. He has given oral evidence in courts and tribunals and writes regularly on accountancy-related legal issues.

He commented: “The Money Talks seminar was a great opportunity to explore current thinking in the tax arrangements that are necessary at times of a family breakdown. I very much enjoyed the day and look forward to speaking at more seminars and conferences in the future.”

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