Forensic Accountants to Review Post Office

It has been announced that the Post Office have appointed forensic accountants to examine allegations of deficiencies in the computer system used in all outlets.

The move comes after many sub-postmasters said they had been wrongly accused of fraud, theft and false accounting; and it is reported that around one hundred sub-postmasters have registered an interest in suing Post Office LTD over its computer system.

Many of those who have registered an interest in suing Post Office LTD claim they have been forced to pay back money – totalling thousands of pounds – which they did not take; with some saying they have been stripped of their Post Office contracts and bankrupted as a result.

Despite the Post Office repeatedly denying there is a problem with the computer system, they have instructed a team of forensic accountants to conduct and independent review of ten existing cases.

A spokesperson for the Post Office, said: “The Post Office continues to have absolute confidence in the robustness and integrity of its branch accounting processes.

“Over the past ten years, many millions of branch reconciliations have been carried out with transactions and balances accurately recorded by more than twenty-five thousand different sub-postmasters.

“The Post Office has no hesitation in agreeing to an external review of these few individual cases that have been raised with us by a number of MPs.”

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