Pensions issues

In reaching a settlement on divorce, pensions can form an important part of the overall financial picture, particularly where one partner has built up a substantial pension pot, as is often the case with business owners.

There are various options for dealing with pensions and in this complex area, seeking expert advice from pensions specialists is an essential step.

At Milsted Langdon in Bath, Bristol, London, Taunton and Yeovil, our pensions specialists can provide valuations of the pension pots involved – which may include pension plans currently being paid into, plans that have been frozen or plans that are currently paying an income – and advise on the best way forward for pension splitting. The three options are:


This option balances the pension against other marital assets,  such as the family home, so that one partner receive a larger share of these to offset the other’s future pension income

Pension attachment or earmarking

When one partner eventually receives their pension payments, the other will receives a portion of it, although the benefits cease when the pension owner dies or the recipient partner remarries

Pension sharing

In this arrangement, pensions are split between the two partners so that each has a pension pot of their own.

As well as advice on pensions issues, our specialists at Milsted Langdon Financial Services can provide wide-ranging financial advice, on issues including investments, life insurance and inheritance tax planning, to help you protect and strengthen your financial position post-divorce.

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