Helping you reach a settlement fairly and affordably, we specialise in dropping in and dropping out, all before a dispute can reach court.

From business stand-offs to family financial issues, our expert forensic accountants work alone, or as part of a legal team, to bring commercial disputes to a swift resolution.

Heading the mediation team is Roger Isaacs. Roger is an insolvency practitioner and qualified mediator, accredited by the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR), one of the leading mediation groups in the country.

Why meditation?

Mediation has many advantages when used at the right time. It works best when:

  • There are several parties to the dispute and negotiation by correspondence is difficult
  • Those involved want to preserve a relationship, which litigation is likely to damage
  • Bringing together the principals in the dispute would speed up negotiations
  • A settlement could be based on a commercial non-cash offer
  • The cost of litigation is likely to be prohibitive in relation to the issues at stake

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Meet the team: