Shipping and Maritime Disputes

Shipping is a complex, truly international industry so when a dispute arises, we know the issues you are facing will inevitably be complicated, with substantial sums involved.

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Forensic accounting

We offer not just forensic accountancy expertise but extensive knowledge of the shipping and shipbuilding industry. We understand the way you operate, your contractual practices and economic dynamics.

If you are involved in a maritime dispute, you need an expert with in-depth knowledge of the judicial process and years of experience working with legal teams to provide compelling expert evidence, to help the court or tribunal reaching their decisions.

We are able to advise on:

  • Maritime arbitration and litigation
  • Terminated Charters
  • Salvage Arbitrations
  • Shipping Pool Disputes
  • Scuttling disputes
  • Delay claims
  • Allisions and Collisions
  • Sound value and Value in Use of vessels

Expert reports

We have produced numerous expert reports, joint memoranda and given oral evidence before a wide range of courts and arbitration tribunals both in the UK and overseas.

Charter party termination

The shipping industry is prone to extreme fluctuations in market rates which, in turn, puts pressure on contractual arrangements.

A number of recent cases involving cancelled charters have dealt with accelerated receipt of earnings which would have been received if charters had gone ahead as contracted.

Following the landmark Kildare case, we have worked on behalf of a number of shipping clients to ensure revenue loss is properly measured and suitable discount rates are applied.

Shipping Pools

Shipping pools are a popular way of maximising earnings in the bulk trades but they are also a common source of disputes over matters such as capital charges, the computation of distributions and the settlement of accounts when vessels are withdrawn.

We have analysed and modelled the workings of shipping pools to illustrate the impact of “what-if” assumptions and how these might affect revenue distributions.


Awards made to salvors reflect the sound value of the casualty. When dealing with conventional ships this is relatively straightforward. However, tribunals often struggle to agree sound value where modern vessels are novel or highly specialised.

Our accountants are able to explain and illustrate fair value and value in use.  We can advise on the sources of evidence that are relevant to assist with disclosure.

We are also able to explain calculations of value in a way that can be readily understood by a non-accountant.

Scuttling cases

Our forensic accountants are able to assess the financial position of a vessel’s owners, to help the courts decide whether financial motives may have led to deliberate scuttling.

Delay claims and business interruption

We regularly work with ship owners and operators, shipbuilders and insurers (including P&I Clubs and Hull & Machinery Underwriters) and can help your business with the assessment of complex revenue losses and incremental costs related to claims.

We can also advise on completion accounts disputes, accounting warranty claims, misrepresentation claims flowing from business acquisitions and disposals, business interruption claims and quantifying loss or damage.