Funding approved for Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship

Skills Minister, Anne Milton, has finally approved levy funding for the Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship.

The management apprenticeships have been awarded a funding band of £18,000 for the two year programme, which will come as good news to both employers and the providers, who have awaited a decision since the Master’s degree was first approved in August last year.

The agreement means over 900 executive-level apprentices will now be free to begin their courses.

Supported by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the apprenticeship was designed by a group of employers, including Serco, and is intended to specifically meet the needs of professionals moving into senior management roles.

With its core ethos based around the development of strategic leadership skills, the course gives employers the opportunity to nurture, grow and retain their senior management teams, while ensuring bad practice and incompetence become a thing of the past.

The additional benefits for employers from such an apprenticeship include improvement in performance and increased productivity.

Antony Jenkins, Chair of the Institute of Apprenticeships, commended Master’s Degree courses of this nature, saying: “Apprenticeships are playing an increasingly significant role across the UK economy, including at the very highest levels of leadership, so it is important that we are putting the right structures in place to ensure that they are of a high calibre and fit for the demands of the role.”

Meanwhile, CMI Director of Strategy, Petra Wilton, called the funding approval a breakthrough for bosses, adding: “CMI has worked closely with both the trailblazer group and higher education providers to develop standards that meet the leadership needs of businesses across the UK.

“It will help to challenge snobbery around vocational routes and demonstrate how these new apprenticeships really can provide pathways through to the top.”

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