GDC proposing changes to ARF

The General Dental Council are considering new plans to change the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) for dentists and dental professionals.

The proposed changes would see a decrease in the ARF for dentists whilst the fee for dental professionals would be set to increase for other dental professionals.

Launched as part of its consultation titled – Working with the dental team for public safety and confidence and seeks views about how the GDC should deliver its broad statutory objectives.

Under the new proposals, the GDC is recommending that:

  • The ARF drops for dentists of £150 taking the cost to £740
  • The ARF increases by £4 to £120 for dental care professionals

Ian Brack, GDC chief executive and registrar says: “‘The GDC is committed to changing the regulatory landscape. This is for the reasons we identified in shifting the balance.

“The priorities we identified in that document remain at the core of our ambition for the next three years. I hope this opportunity is taken up and as many people as possible give their views.”

The consultation is now open and can be accessed through the GDC’s website with a deadline for responses falling on Thursday 30 July 2019.

David Jacobs, Partner at Milsted Langdon said: “The proposed changes could significantly benefit dentists who would save over 20 per cent on their ARF fees allowing that money to be redistributed into other areas.

“If you are unsure of how these proposals could impact you, then it is important that you seek specialist advice. Contact our expert team today for more information.”

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