Get to know our Head of Payroll – Q&A with Oliver King

Want to learn more about our payroll services, here is a quick Q&A with our Head of Payroll, Oliver King.


How long have you worked in payroll?

I started in 2007 and worked for various companies before joining Milsted Langdon.


What made you decide to specialise in payroll?

After transferring from a Finance Officer position with MENCAP in 2007, to commence a new position in Payroll with another organisation, I quickly realised that this specialism offered a wide range of variety and required an in-depth understanding of the associated legislation and regulations. This kept me inspired and enthused enough to pursue this as a new career, and being a relatively niche specialism, it also gave me satisfaction in knowing that I could take this burden away from clients so they could focus more on their business affairs.


What is your fondest memory of working at the firm?

Unexpectedly receiving a Christmas hamper, and quickly realising that Milsted Langdon puts people first.


What would you say is your greatest strength?

Attention to detail, coupled with the ability to resolve complex issues based on my specialist experience within the payroll sector.


What is the biggest challenge payroll faces?

Ever-changing legislation and month-end pressures (as every good Payroll Professional will know)!


How would you describe the payroll team at Milsted Langdon?

Dedicated, hard-working and passionate about what they do.


What does Milsted Langdon do better than anyone else?

We take our time getting to know our clients and devote ourselves to their businesses as if they were our own.


What gets you most excited about your job and payroll?

I love working with and supporting clients – getting to know the ins and outs of their operations – to deliver the advice and support that they require.


What does the future hold for payroll?

Like many industries, there is a growing focus on automation and technology, especially alongside the development of cloud accounting platforms.

However, the human touch will remain a vital part of the industry, especially when it comes to adding value to our service through advice and unique insights.


If you didn’t work in payroll, what would your dream job be?

As I have already fulfilled most of my ambitions, I can’t say there is a dream job outside of what I already do, but it is reassuring to have finally found my forte!


Outside of work, what do you enjoy?

Cooking (no Michelin stars yet!), walking in the Malvern Hills with my partner and Whippet, and driving my classic car through the country lanes.

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