M&A Leaning Towards Emerging Markets

Recent research has found that companies are increasingly looking to emerging markets for planned M&A activities; as fears over the Eurozone instability continue.

The researchers surveyed 377 businesses and found that fifty-six percent of participants’ key focus of their growth strategy was emerging markets; whilst twenty-two percent of participants revealed their key focus was either their domestic or developed markets.

Within the research it was also reported that a quarter of those who participated would be looking towards China for M&A activity; nineteen percent would look towards South East Asia, and a further eighteen percent would look towards India.

Along with revealing the markets which are the key focus for many; the research also revealed that thirty-seven percent of respondents would prefer a joint venture or strategic partnership in cross-border deal activity; whilst thirty-two percent are in favour of more traditional M&A.

This is a turnaround from two years ago, when mergers and acquisitions were the preference with thirty-nine percent of businesses, and joint-ventures with thirty-four percent.

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