Implications For Healthcare Accountancy

It has been suggested that a consultation launched earlier this month on regulations governing local authority health scrutiny could have implications for healthcare accounting, as it suggests that, in addition to the safety, effectiveness and patient experience of services, local authorities should also take into account financial sustainability when making a referral.

The changes proposed in the consultation are set to update the arrangements and regulations for local authority health scrutiny and help to ensure that the interests of patients and the public are at the heart of the planning, delivery and reconfiguration of health services.

Led by Health Minister Lord Howe, the consultation will build on the existing system of health scrutiny and will ask for feedback on improving it in light of the health reforms.

Speaking at the launch of the scheme, Lord Howe said: “Our Health and Social Care Act aims to ensure we have a modern health service that works around patients and meets the healthcare needs of the local population.”

“That’s why local authorities will play a key role under the new structure and I want patients and the public to be at the heart of planning, delivery and any changes to healthcare services.”

Lord Howe added: “We have set out a range of proposals through this consultation to help achieve this but we want a full debate. Any final decisions will be taken after we have fully considered the consultation responses.”

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