Insolvency investigator brought in to look for assets of Tommy Robinson

The charity ‘HOPE not hate’ has raised funds to pay for what has been reported to be “a specialist insolvency investigator” to look into the assets of Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, who declared himself bankrupt in March 2021.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was ordered to pay £100,000 in libel damages to Syrian schoolboy Jamal Hijazi, whom he had wrongly accused of attacking a girl.

However, to date, Robinson has not paid him a penny. In addition to this, amongst other creditors, Robinson owes the boy’s lawyers around £1.5 million in legal fees, not counting any accrued interest.

In March, Robinson will be officially discharged from bankruptcy but any hidden assets that he is found to have had at the date of the bankruptcy will be available to meet the claims of creditors if they are subsequently uncovered.

According to HOPE not hate, at one point Robinson had access to assets worth up to about £3 million through property acquisitions, investments, donations and book sales.

The charity feels it is unjust that Jamal’s life has been turned upside down, while Robinson could get away without paying him what he owes.

Roger Isaacs, Forensic Partner at Milsted Langdon, said:  “Investigations into a bankrupt’s affairs are usually undertaken by the Official Receiver or a Trustee in Bankruptcy and it is somewhat unclear what status the investigator will have.  However, the fact that the investigation is being funded by a charity, suggests that creditors may not be satisfied with what has been done so far.

“Uncovering hidden assets will require a detailed forensic investigation but if the investigator is not formally appointed as the Trustee in Bankruptcy it may limit his access to key documentation.

“Although bankruptcies are usually only for 12 months, it is possible that an application may be made to the court to have the bankruptcy discharge suspended, especially if there is evidence of a lack of cooperation by the bankrupt.”

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