Join our free webinar: How to make buyers three times more likely to buy from you than your competitor

By guest author, Andy Palmer, Managing Director of Access Performance Solutions.

For many businesses, competition for customers is getting tougher and knowing how to connect with prospects so that they buy from you is more important than ever.

Cost management is ingrained in many businesses and is often the first thing people turn to at times of disruption and uncertainty.

However, that does not always make it the most effective, as it typically only ever provides short-term cash flow gains and may dilute your brand and its reputation.

Sustainable performance gains require the effective management of revenue as well as costs. This has always been much harder to realise due to its less tangible nature.

For those that master the management of revenue, the gains can be significant. It provides a more outward focus on market potential that sets businesses apart from their rivals by aiming to achieve high growth and improved performance.

If firms want to protect and develop their business in the current market, knowing how to reach out to prospects and maximise engagement to drive revenue is key.

How do you know who is looking to buy and how do you reach out to them?

As we move into the next stage of recovery, we are hosting a free webinar with Access Performance Solutions to help you gain insight and an edge over your competition in this vital and often overlooked area.

In this webinar, we will look at some of the simple and effective ways to reduce the guesswork and give yourself a head start with your target market:

  • Reach: Discover how to cut through the noise to reach new prospects more effectively.
  • Connect: Understand the steps you need to take to make buyers more likely to buy from you.
  • Engage: Bridge the gap between awareness and action to improve your prospect pipeline.
  • Identify: Know who is looking for your goods/services and how to get in touch with them when they are ready to buy.

Delivered by Andy Palmer of Access Performance Solutions, this webinar will provide you with a fresh perspective on how to effectively manage your prospecting. Andy will also address some of the challenges around measuring the return on investment when generating new work.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll come away with information and ideas on how to engage with prospects more effectively and how to measure impact, with a much clearer line between investment and opportunity to build more certainty in uncertain times.

This online event will take place on a choice of dates, either Thursday 3 September or Thursday 10 September, from 9am – 10am.

Register your place by emailing with your preferred date.

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