Milsted Langdon strengthens cutting edge tax services

Milsted Langdon has further strengthened its innovative tax planning services thanks to regular advice from an eminent tax barrister.

By regularly consulting with a London-based barrister specialising in tax matters, the firm is able to ensure that the tax planning advice is not only cutting edge, but is also legally and morally sound.

Simon Denton, a tax partner at the firm who has been attending meetings with the barrister, said: “Although we have always prided ourselves on offering bespoke tax advice that is fully compliant with current legislation, the ever-changing demands of clients looking to save tax mean that it is even more important to stay one step ahead.

“By seeking expert legal advice on complex matters such as partnership tax, capital gains tax and transactions in securities, we are able to put our own expertise to best use and ensure that we continue to offer advice that is effective, bespoke and, importantly, will not fall foul of existing legislation.

“We believe this arrangement will be of great benefit to our clients, as well as further reinforcing Milsted Langdon’s strong reputation in the field of tax.”

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