Milsted Langdon strikes up great ‘Rapport’ at architects’ focus group

Senior team members at Milsted Langdon have been thanked for their recent participation in a focus group event with Cubic Interactive – the developers behind Rapport3.

Rapport3 has been created to help architects and those involved in the building trade to improve the planning, management and execution of their developments.

The event focused on the system’s Work in Progress element and followed on from a questionnaire sent out by Cubic to its clients.

Our team were there to provide their expert eye and were on hand to give technical advice and Business Innovation on the development of Work in Progress and Rapport3.

Speaking after the event, Nigel Fry said: “We were delighted to join the Cubic team at this event and we hope that the group were able to benefit from the support and advice we provided.

“Rapport3 is a very innovative tool for businesses and it is interesting to see how we can contribute to its development through the provision of our expertise.”

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