New payment structure plans for GPs

NHS England has revealed that GPs will be offered ‘simple and attractive’ conditions to encourage them away from the national contract and join the new models of care that are being tested across the country.

Under the new plans, practices will be offered a ‘reimagined and simplified’ quality outcomes framework (QOF) and explicit ‘rights of return’ back to the national contract. There will also be a new payment structure that will see GP, community and potentially also secondary care budgets pooled together and given to new organisations called multi-specialty community providers (MCPs), which will be GP- led. There will also be hospital-led primary and acute care systems (PACS), both of which are designed to better integrate care.

The MCP model is based on a GP registered list and according to NHS England, the structure will build in additional community and mental health services and social care as appropriate. These will be converted into an amount per patient that can be combined with core general practice funding.

However, NHS England has also admitted that one of the most complex issues for the new system will be how the new organisations will incorporate GP budgets and how to persuade practices to opt out of the national GP contract.

The document published by NHS England last month says it could also be difficult for both MCPs and PACS to develop ‘simple and attractive options to persuade existing GP practices to migrate from their current funding and contractual arrangements’

It goes on to mention that these new conditions could include a streamlined QOF, with all existing quality payments for hospitals and GP practices being ‘reimagined’ in order to create aligned, whole system incentives that support new care models.

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