NHS dentists’ pay increase set to be split

According to claims from the British Dental Association (BDA), NHS dentists in England will receive the first part of their pay increase in December.

The claim comes following a Government announcement earlier this year which said that there would be a 2 per cent pay increase following recommendations from the Review Body on Doctors and Dentists Remuneration (DDRB).

A 1.68 per cent increase will come into force in December and will be backdated to April 2018, with a further increase of 0.65 per cent to be added to NHS dentist salaries on the 1 April 2019.

BDA vice chair, Eddie Crouch, spoke of his displeasure at the announcement. “Dentists are usually bitterly resigned to the late application of the contract in addition to the small amount being offered. However, this year’s delays represent a new low.

“Pushing the uplift back cannot be justified given the challenges practices are facing to simply maintain viability. For reasons of affordability, the recommended uplift was announced as a staged award back in July.

“We know the profession has suffered under austerity and pay restraint. Even though pay ceilings have been lifted we are still adversely affected.”

The Government announcement in April promised more than one million public sector workers would receive a pay increase, claiming at the time that it would be the biggest pay rise in around ten years.

Mr Crouch added: “While the Government is tied up by Brexit negotiations and political wrangling, hardworking NHS dental colleagues are seeing ever eroding income and decline in earnings.”

‘A once stable profession is struggling to stay afloat and maintain the high-quality care that our patients deserve.

“These delays have been unacceptable, the failure to implement the award in full in 2018 is inexcusable.

“Continued unwillingness to recognise a profession at the very limits of its patience will leave NHS services in a perilous position.”

David Jacobs, Partner at Milsted Langdon, said: “The decision to delay the full implementation of the promised pay rise will have a significant effect on thousands of NHS dentists across the country.

If the delay is likely to have any financial effect on you or your practice it is important that you seek specialist advice. Contact Milsted Langdon today.

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