NHS fraud costs nearly £6 billion each year

A review led by former NHS anti-fraud boss Jim Gee has revealed that the NHS in England could be losing around £5.7bn a year to fraud from its £100 billion budget.

Among the areas it found to be affected were procurement, prescriptions, registration of patients and payroll. However, the government said the report was “highly speculative” and “full of inconsistencies”.

To work out how much fraud is being committed, the review had to rely on estimates as well as detected fraud. It said the level of fraud was likely to be between £3.7bn and £5.7bn a year. Among the scams highlighted were dentists claiming money for NHS care they did not carry out. To illustrate the scale of some of these cases, it highlighted the jailing of a Birmingham dentist in 2012 after she stole £1.4m from the NHS.

The biggest area of fraud was thought to be payroll, at between £555 million and £1.49 billion, although the report said this mainly consisted of lots of small-scale cases. The report warned that fraud was not being given the attention it deserved and it was now one of the “great unreduced healthcare costs”.

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