PopUp Britain To Roll Out Nationwide Pop-Up Blueprint

The success and long-term business benefits of PopUp Britain’s pilot pop-up store in Richmond, Surrey has encouraged a nationwide rollout plan for the scheme.

Set up and run by national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain, the store in Richmond has demonstrated that temporary use of otherwise empty shops can work and bring activity to the high street as well as giving landlords the opportunity to generate income.

During the course of the pilot, the shop has been filled by a variety of businesses, from chocolate makers to fashion designers, giving them a cost-effective route to market and the opportunity to make sales, test the market and meet customers.

One by-product of the scheme has been that Richmond Borough will now provide small grants to support the efforts of the start-up entrepreneurs in a bid to see similar shops popping up across the borough.

While one of the first users of the pop-up shop, ethical bag manufacturer ElephantBranded has recently announced that its bags wallets and purses are to be stocked by retail giant John Lewis, with its two week tenure at the shop helping to clinch the deal.

The manufacturer says that its time at the shop gave the brand credibility and gave John Lewis the confidence that they could make good on their supply promise.

In fact, in a recent survey, over 80 percent of PopUp Britain tenants reported that the experience had benefited their business, while over 70 percent said that they had made lasting links with other co-working start-ups and would consider looking for similar experiences in other pop-up shops or come back to PopUp Britain.

The rollout plan will see 10 PopUp Britain branded shops open before the end of the year, with many more planned for 2013.

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