Private dental care costs on the rise – with huge regional divide

A new study has revealed a significant hike in private dental care costs across the UK year-on-year, with costs varying dramatically by region.

The average price for a dental check-up was at its cheapest in Birmingham last year, at £31, according to a study conducted by

Liverpool was found to be the most expensive region, with an average check-up price of £77.

The study found that overall, private dental care costs had risen by 42 per cent year-on-year.

The average UK check-up now costs approximately £51, the study said.

“The price of dental care has increased for all procedures in the last year, higher than inflation,” said former dentist and now head of dentistry at, Sandeep Senghera.

However, in a surprising twist, the same survey also revealed that the cost of tooth whitening throughout Britain had actually decreased by 4 per cent.

“Most dental clinics in the UK now offer this affordable and effective treatment and as this supply has risen we have witnessed a consistency in prices,” said Mr Senghera.

“Some dentists even offer teeth whitening free of charge as part of other cosmetic treatments.”

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