QOF less popular now than five years ago

A survey by Pulse magazine has found that almost half of GPs want to see the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) completely scrapped, with the general feeling towards it having cooled considerably in the past five years.

The survey showed that 46 per cent of the GPs polled want the scheme to be entirely scrapped while 34 per cent said they would not and 20 per cent said they did not know.

Of those who would like to see it gone, most said they would prefer the money to be put into the global sum. Meanwhile among those who wanted to keep it, some were concerned about what would happen to the funding if the framework went, with some fearing it could be replaced by a worse alternative.  Others were concerned that the funding would be entirely lost to practices.

One GP who would like to see the framework scrapped said that while he believed the original reasons for starting it has been good, these had been eroded over time and that it was now being used as a “tick box exercise” for political reasons.

The GP commented that the scheme has increased GPs’ workload, so it would be better to have the money put into the global sum so that everyone could be rewarded for their work over the past 14 years, which is when the QOF started.

However, according to information provided at the General Practitioners’ Committee (GPC) recently, although the 2018/19 contract is not yet announced, there will be no changes to the QOF, although there is a review underway for 2019/20.

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