Quarry expansion gets go-ahead with help from Milsted Langdon economist

Kevin ButlerA family-run business which is the South West’s only supplier of the highest grade road surfacing material has been given permission to expand one of its quarries thanks to the efforts of a consultant economist at chartered accountancy firm Milsted Langdon.

E & JW Glendinning Ltd, which has operated in the South West peninsula for more than 50 years, wanted to expand Pigsdon Quarry site, near Bude, in Cornwall, to prolong the site’s life from eight to nine years of reserves of 20 to 25 years.

To support the planning application to Cornwall Council, Glendinning called on the expertise of Kevin Butler, a consultant economist at Milsted Langdon, which has offices in Taunton, Bristol, Yeovil and Bath.

Kevin prepared a report highlighting the positive impact that the quarry expansion would have, not only on Glendenning but on the local economy as a whole, taking into account factors such as the jobs secured as a result and the environmental benefit of being able to quarry the road stone at the site, rather than having to import the material from Ireland.

Commenting on the report, Kevin said: “Taking into account a number of factors, I was able to demonstrate that the proposed expansion of Pigsdon Quarry would not only benefit the local economy, but would also endorse Cornwall Council’s long term strategy of moving towards sustainable transport system by having a strategic reserve of essential materials in Cornwall.

“This is the second time Milsted Langdon has been approached to prepare an economic impact report to support a planning application and I am delighted to say that on both occasions the report has been integral to permission being granted.”

Barry Wilson, managing director of Glendinning, said: “When planning committees consider applications, they tend to match it against set planning criteria, without necessarily considering other factors, such as the impact on the local economy. Kevin managed to produce a report which not only put these factors across clearly, but also satisfied the planning criteria.

“His report was cited during the planning meeting, demonstrating that it certainly played an integral part in the resulting planning approval. I am delighted with the result and am grateful to Kevin for his help in this matter.”

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