Reliable IT advice for all our clients

Technology has never been more important. Receiving trustworthy, local advice that you can rely on is key for businesses of all sizes. Milsted Langdon is able to assist clients with their IT issues through their close relationship with Taunton-based partner Indigo.

Through this partnership, Indigo is happy to provide advice across several key areas, including help with internal servers and IT support as well as more complicated projects. For example, their CloudPhone (hosted telephony) product is a cost effective modern solution compared to a traditional PBX.

Increasingly, local companies are looking for full virtualisation (cloud servers and desktops) which Indigo has been supplying for more than three years. The team includes over a dozen people and several consultants who are available to discuss your individual needs. Just mention to your Milsted Langdon representative that you are looking for IT help.

Indigo’s clients range from small local businesses to larger national firms with dozens of sites or branches. Its client base is formed of hundreds of businesses from industries as diverse as finance, supply chain management, education, law, estate agency and dentists.

Indigo also has a dedicated cloud brand which is committed to providing cloud services to local SMEs and other businesses. This includes hosted desktop solutions and cloud-based servers to effectively outsource internal server costs and risks. Using a hosted desktop system lets users access their email, documents and run desktop applications (such as Sage, stock control software and CRM applications) from any location at any time. All the maintenance and backup is managed by the team at Indigo.

For a further discussion or to arrange for one of Indigo’s consultants to visit, please call: 0800 955 5345 or visit: to watch the short video explaining a modern approach to IT. For specific help with cloud based solutions, please call: 01823 704060.

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