RTI Consultation Launched

A consultation document which aims to make PAYE reporting via their Real Time Information (RTI) system as simple and straightforward as possible for employers, has this month been launched by HMRC.

Currently, HMRC are running a pilot scheme of their Real Time Information programme, ahead of its nationwide rollout; and the latest consultation document, is the next step in progressing the system.

HMRC are seeking views from employers on how best to support businesses, so that they understand and are able to comply with the requirements which come into force in October of this year and will require employers providing HMRC with PAYE, tax and National Insurance information in real-time, rather than at the end of the tax year.

Acting director general at HMRC, Stephen Banyard, said, following the release of the consultation document,: “We want the RTI returns, not penalties. The aim is to encourage all employers to comply by making it as easy as possible for them to do so.

“We are working with employers and the payroll industry in our twelve-month pilot to best achieve it, but penalties are necessary to deter the minority who don’t want to play by the rules and to reassure those that do file and pay on time that non-compliance is being tackled.”

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