RTI Scope Extended

Following the successful pilot of HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI) pilot scheme; the taxman yesterday (June 21st 2012) announced that the programme is to be extended further, later this year.

When the RTI pilot scheme was originally launched, it was done so to ten employers – including HMRC – all of whom had to update their records in real time; since then it has extended to over three-hundred in May.

However, due to the reported success so-far of the scheme, the taxman has unveiled plans to extend the pilot further; allowing more products and providers to join, from November of this year; with the hope of pushing the pilot out further, before its nationwide rollout.

The latest extension of the pilot, is said to incorporate new PAYE schemes set up after November and existing employers who in 2012 / 2013 “either become clients of pilot software providers, bureau or agents or whose provider makes pilot software available for RTI to start sending PAYE information in real time.”

Should the extension to the pilot prove a further success, it is hoped by HMRC that they will be in a position to roll the scheme out nationally from April next year; with all employers taking part by October of the same year.

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