Service set to shed light on copyright

A new service designed to help businesses and consumers better understand copyright laws has been announced by the government.

The online Copyright Notices Service will provide clear and impartial information on what is and what is not allowed under copyright law.

The service asks businesses to identify areas where there is particular confusion or misunderstanding and will target its guidance on those issues. The aim is to provide a reliable and trusted point of reference for businesses and creators of copyright works.

The service will also help schools, colleges and universities to make better judgments about the lawful use of copyright works, and improve access to works, reducing unintentional copyright infringement and red tape. For example, schools would be able to find out what they could do with materials created by staff and students.

Minister for Intellectual Property Lord Younger said on 30 July: “We want to make it easier for small firms and other users such as teachers and lecturers to understand the implications of copyright law.

“The Copyright Notices Service is an innovative new way to ask government to clarify unclear copyright law so businesses can operate with confidence.”

Link: Copyright notices

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