International Financial Reporting Standards

Our International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) team work closely with other member firms of the MGI Worldwide IFRS Practice Group to ensure that you have confidence that International Reporting Standards have been correctly applied on a globally consistent basis.

To make working together on an international basis easier, the IFRS foundation prepared standards compatible with international law. The IFRS Standards are mandated for use by 140 countries, including the European Union and by more than two-thirds of the G20.

Our team deal with IFRS on a daily basis and offer a range of audit, tax and accountancy services:

  • Help in the preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • Assistance in the process of adopting IFRS for the first time (IFRS 1)
  • Guidance in the execution of impairment tests according to IAS 36
  • Experienced persons doing Purchase Price Allocations in accordance with IFRS 3
  • The quick availability of answers to urgent queries or problems
  • Support when dealing with new standards

Our Global IFRS Experts are able to provide companies, investors and regulators with the expert advice needed to resolve complex issues, and are always on hand to answer any questions regarding the correct application of IFRS.

To find out how our international expert advisers can help you, please contact us.

Meet the team:

Audit and General Practice Partner