Specialist financial investigation uncovers theft from veteran

A former care worker has been sentenced for fraud by abuse of position after stealing more than £46,000 of a vulnerable elderly man’s savings. 


Alana Squire worked for a care company that looked after the man, helping him with cooking, cleaning and personal care.


However, during a three-year period, Squire also visited the man on evenings when she was not working – a direct contravention of the care company’s rules – and, having gained his trust as a friend, used his bank card to withdraw cash from his account.


She told him that she was unable to provide properly for her two children and assured him that she would repay the ‘loans’.


The lonely military veteran said he felt sorry for Squire but was fearful that she would stop visiting him if he tackled her about the lack of reimbursement. 


However, in December 2020 concerns were raised after Squire was sacked under suspicion of another theft. 


At the time, the victim thought she owed him around £14,000 but when a team of specialist financial investigators were brought in, they found the figure to be much higher – totalling £46,751.


When confronted with the results of the examination of financial records from both parties, Squire initially denied that she had done anything wrong. 


However, the evidence was overwhelming, and Squire pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position in court, resulting in the judge at Teesside Crown Court handing down a three-year prison sentence.


Roger Isaacs, Forensic Partner at Milsted Langdon, said: “If fraud is suspected, forensic specialists are often engaged, as they are experts at reviewing financial statements and examining the suspect’s lifestyle. 


“In this case, they also found that Squire was a gambling addict and had lost more than £137,000 through playing bingo. 


“This evidence is often essential to the courts in determining guilt and setting an appropriate sentence.”



Source(s): Yorkshire Post

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