Start-Up Help And Advice Proliferates

Last week saw a raft of schemes aimed at helping entrepreneurs in the UK start their own business, from a campaign to help pitch products to retailers to investment help for ex-military personnel who want to launch a business.

One scheme, which is a joint venture between StartUp Britain and retailer John Lewis, plans to offer emerging British businesses regular opportunities to pitch their products to top buyers, after a pilot project uncovered a wealth of UK-based talent.

The joint initiative aims to get start-up businesses appointments with major buyers every six months, which will be an unprecedented boost to the entrepreneurs, as, with no track record, getting in front of such people can take months, if not years.

While another scheme will invest in start-ups founded by ex-military personnel. Called Reboot Ventures, a venture capital firm will back former services personnel who may struggle to get investment from more conventional sources of finance and support an untapped source of enterprising talent.

The founder of the firm, Stuart Nicol, himself ex-military, is hoping to raise an initial £500,000 to establish a Venture Capital Trust that will in turn invest in companies established by “commercially experienced ex-military entrepreneurs”.

The Trust is partnered with Heropreneurs, a charity that helps military personnel when they leave the armed forces, which was founded by Richard Morris, who is working to set up a lending “bank” for ex-military personnel.

In addition, on Friday, Rachel Bridge, former Enterprise Editor for the Sunday Times, was interviewed about her book How To Start A Business Without Any Money.

In the book, Ms Bridge explains that adopting the right attitude, being prepared to think around problems, and having the determination to put in the effort are as important as cash and that it is possible to start small and grow without investment.

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