Start-ups need help in raising investment

The majority of start-up businesses have little confidence that they would be capable of raising investment through pitching without help, with only 19 per cent saying they would know where to go and what to do to raise cash. 

According to the recent research, other concerns include recruitment and people management, and most entrepreneurs admitted that they had never had to hire staff or had any experience of managing people before they started their new enterprise.

As one entrepreneur commented, the process of getting funding can be expensive, and it is difficult to know where to go or whom to trust, so it is vital to have impartial advice or recommendations from people who have been through a similar experience.

Meanwhile, another commented that while all successful entrepreneurs investigate their potential markets thoroughly, many do not take the same approach to investment and often fail to consider which funding option will be best for them in the longer term.

However, there are two tried and tested options, namely the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which are both designed to encourage investment into start-ups and early-growth stage businesses through offering tax incentives to investors. Under the schemes, investors can put up a maximum of £100,000 for SEIS or £1,000,000 per tax year through EIS in return for equity.

The key to looking for any form of investment is to take advice, ideally with a start-up specialist.

Jon Stocker, General Practice Partner at Milsted Langdon, said: “UK start-ups massively contribute to the UK economy, and it is therefore important that collectively they get the support needed to secure investments to help their businesses grow.

“If you have a start-up business, and would like further support on how to secure investments for your business, then please get in touch today.  At Milsted Langdon we have recognised this problem and recruited an experienced bank manager who can help with sources of funding and putting together your pitch in the way that the lenders require.”

For more information about how Milsted Langdon can help, please contact Jon at or by calling 01935 383500.

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