Surge in holiday home sales across the UK

Sales of caravans and holiday homes across the UK are on the rise thanks to the falling pound, according to reports.

Leading holiday park operators, including many in South West England such as Coast View Park in Devon, have reported a surge in both visitor demand and sale enquiries in recent months.

Dream Lodge, a national company which specialises in homes aimed at the retirement community, claims that holiday homeowners advertising with their rental pool are currently receiving returns of anywhere between 8 to 12% on their original investments. The company operates eight parks across England, including two sites in the South West.

Economists speculate that recent falls in the value of sterling have spurred on a surge in the number of Britons opting for domestic holidays over foreign travel.

Shortly after Article 50 was triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May on 29 March, the pound fell below $1.24 and sterling is expected to remain volatile as Brexit negotiations take hold.

Meanwhile, a study carried out by the National Caravan Council (NCC) late last year found that South West England currently holds the crown as the UK’s most popular destination for domestic holidays.

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