Take paperwork chaos up with your MP, the BDA urges

As the row over the National Performers List continues to bubble away, the British Dental Association (BDA) has urged those practitioners affected to write to their MP.

Senior figures at the association have now laid bare the scale of financial pressures facing some of those who have been hit by the delays in issuing National Performers Numbers to dental professionals.

The BDA said it was aware of some cases of professionals being unable to keep up with mortgage repayments, taking out loans or turning to non-clinical work to pay the bills.

There are also concerns that the problems, which have effectively prevented some dentists from providing NHS services, could threaten the future of some practices and in turn leave a sizeable number of people without access to dental care.

As reported in our blog last week, the blame has been laid at the door of the outsourcing firm Capita, which assumed responsibility for processing the applications from the NHS almost 18 months ago.

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, the BDA’s chairman of the General Dental Practice committee, said that the way the situation had been handled had caused considerable hardship.

“Outsourcing has created this needless backlog,” he said.

“These £30 million ‘savings’ have resulted in poorer service that has left patients without access to NHS dentistry, and all those who have lost out should be adequately compensated.”

The BDA hopes that if enough dentists raise the issue with their respective MP then it will generate decent support for a Parliamentary motion to further scrutinise the problems that have been experienced nationwide.

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