Taking the pain out of payroll

Regularly changing red tape and HM Revenue & Customs rules and regulations – including a tough penalty regime – can cause employers real headaches, particularly in the area of payroll.

The introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) reporting from last month is another reason why employers may be looking to external providers for a cost-effective, outsourced payroll service.

Milsted Langdon’s payroll bureau offers employers of any size – from one employee to more than 100 – the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our experienced payroll professionals, our up to the minute software and comprehensive management reporting.

We can keep you compliant with all your payroll reporting regulations, including RTI, and ensure that your people are paid accurately and on time.

Our payroll team can also provide consultancy or troubleshooting support to in-house payroll teams. To find out more about our payroll services, please contact us.

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