Tax And Technology For Farmers

As farming becomes increasingly reliant on technology, many farmers are now using apps and specialist software to store financial data, safe in the knowledge that it is secure and filed in an accessible way.

And a great boon at the moment for farmers is cloud accounting, whereby everything they need is in one place and where updating one form can mean an automatic synch to other relevant documents.

What’s more, software specific to farming is being developed every day and currently farmers can access field and stock records, confirm work done and even record field and crop operations while on the move via their smartphone or tablet.

Most farmers are familiar with the usual farming software, which can be used to manage accounts and generate and maintain financial records such as VAT and bank reconciliations.

But then there are packages which manage property and record such details as insurance, mortgage payments, listed buildings and rents due and these even have a folder for photographs of properties on the land and can keep a tally of property inventories and refurbishment work required and completed.

With the 2012 show season well underway, farmers are looking for more information on the available technology and speaking at a recent show, one expert said: “We’ve welcomed hosts of visitors to our stand, many of whom are existing customers looking to discuss upgrades, new hardware options and find out more about software enhancements.”

According to experts, the number one request for improvements to software has been to create some sort of system of being able to notify a member of staff when diary events are due to take place.  And with the speed at which technology is developing, who know what will be available next?

As an accountant, Nigel Moysey specialises within offering taxation and financial advice to the agricultural sector

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