Time to start investing?

It can be difficult to work out whether to invest your hard-earned cash or save it for a rainy day.

We want to explain the benefits of investing your money, rather than saving it in a traditional savings account.

At the moment, the money in your bank account is likely to be depreciating more and more each year as many accounts fail to keep up with rocketing inflation.

So, perhaps it is time to think about investing, rather than saving – get your money working for you!

Should you save or invest?

Saving, whilst not exactly risk-free, is seen as less of a gamble than investing. By progressively adding money to your account, you are, slowly but surely, growing your wealth.

The problem with traditional saving is that the inflation rate often exceeds your bank’s interest rates. This means that, as the value of the pound decreases, so does the overall value of your savings.

Investing, often seen as a risky way of retaining your money, can be more profitable in the long term when managed correctly and spread across a varied portfolio.

Investing can be uncertain due to the volatility of the market, so a long-term strategy is usually safer than short-term and provides more opportunities for the market to stabilise over time and thus allow your investments to grow through compound interest.

Generally, investing provides the opportunity for you to gain more return on your money than you might in a savings account.

Sometimes, the risk is worth the reward!

Investing with Milsted Langdon

We take a risk-based approach to investing. We always put the client first and consider their risk preferences before acting on any investment.

We know that everyone has their own attitude to risk and uncertainty, so we tailor our investment strategies to you.

We understand how to invest your money effectively and always use asset allocation techniques to reduce your risk and optimise the opportunities for returns on your investment.

Every investment portfolio, managed by Milsted Langdon, is tailored to match each client’s investment profile.

The team at Milsted Langdon makes managing your money simple.

Please follow the links for more information on investing with Milsted Langdon or to get in touch with our expert team of Independent Financial Advisers. 

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