Top entrepreneurs sign start-up manifesto

More than 250 of the UK’s top entrepreneurs have signed an open letter to the next Government urging it to roll out a string of reforms to help the start-up sector.

The appeal, which was drawn up by the Coalition for a Digital Economy and the Entrepreneurs Network, is being called the Startup Manifesto.

There are a total of 21 policy recommendations in the manifesto.

It calls for the next Government to streamline tax reliefs and reform pension regulation to attract more funding to early-stage businesses, as well as asking for a reform of the visa system so that new businesses can attract the best talent regardless of where they come from.

The letter highlights that global talent is the key to success, so reforming the visa system, which it describes as ‘unfit for purpose’, would help start-ups to attract the best minds without being hamstrung by bureaucracy.

It goes on to underline the fact that the visa system has actually acted as a barrier to entrepreneurs and the talented workers they need to scale and also to point out that almost 50 per cent of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK have at least one foreign-born founder.

The manifesto urges whoever is next in power to devise a “coherent” regional start-up strategy, to allow defined contribution pension schemes to invest in new companies, and to eliminate delays in existing tax relief systems.

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