Trustworthy WiFi advice for all our clients

Technology has never been more important for businesses. Receiving trustworthy, local advice that you can rely on is key for businesses of all sizes. Milsted Langdon is able to assist clients with their IT issues through their close relationship with Taunton-based partner Indigo. Through this partnership, Indigo is happy to provide advice across several key areas, including help with internal servers, IT support and WiFi access, as well providing a range of hosting services and telephony solutions.

WiFi is fast becoming the standard by which we all connect to the internet and our business network. In the past, speed, range and complex deployments have hindered the adoption of this technology, so people have put up with using their WiFi-enabled routers or simply not bothered. But with customer expectations for guest access and the growing need for Bring your own Device (BYOD), using your router is not an option.

Cisco Meraki can simplify a WiFi network and provide all the functionality and security required. Speed and range are no longer an issue as Cisco Meraki conform to all the latest standards and due to its design it doesn’t sacrifice range. Because the solution is 100% cloud managed, deployments are simple. You simply tell the web-based interface which features you need enabled and the devices do the rest. This makes administration extremely easy and gives full visibility of your network. It’s possible to see at a glance who is connected and what device they are using.

The two main reasons for companies deploying WiFi is to give guest access and to adopt BYOD policies. However, guest access can be a minefield and you don’t want to give people access to your network as this could allow them to get to your company data. Also, by providing guest access, you have a legal duty to store information of who is connected and when, and make sure that they do not use your internet connection for illegal purposes.

Cisco Meraki can provide all of this by separating connections from your company network and because it is cloud-based it is constantly adapting and blocking black-listed sites; currently in excess of 18 billion URLs. This is all backed up by capturing device information and where they have gone, making your WiFi network instantly compliant.

Allowing staff to bring their own devices means that you need to make sure they are only connecting with authorised equipment. You need to make sure that the device they are using has up to date antivirus software and the correct permissions are allocated to the user and the device they are using. Cisco Meraki can scan the device before allowing access and if it detects out of date antivirus software, it can either refuse connection or force them to update. As a business, you need to know which devices are connecting and how many. By using simple reports you can see exactly who is using the system, what device they have and the information and websites they are accessing.

This only scrapes the surface of the complexities around deploying a WiFi network and why Cisco Meraki can help you achieve it quickly. Indigo’s team includes over a dozen people and several consultants who are available to discuss your individual needs. Just mention to your Milsted Langdon representative that you are looking for IT help.

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